Photography to me is an art that allows the metamorphosis of one reality. I see it as a form of drawing. It is more constrictive than drawing, only using available visual elements, but more generous in it’s accuracy in detail. Photography is able to capture the light, color and their intensity, more than painting or drawing can, for pure technical reasons. Because it has the most accurate representation of reality, it speaks directly to absolutely any viewer, regardless of visual training or experience. The disadvantage of such a high accessibility is the use of photography in many non-artistic backgrounds. Therefore, art photography struggles to demonstrate it’s ability to regain the instrinsec merits as a genuine art form.

I appreciate the approach of a photo, it’s symbolism and appearance. I oscillate between the reconstruction and improvement of a memory, and the true intensity of the moment. My attitude is both naive and powerful, treating with care and subtlety, a detail that seems real to me. I use intense colors to emphasize alertness and energy. The camera has the opportunity to capture what I cannot, by any other method. With admiration and respect I intrude, in my efforts to find out more about my interests. I’m particularly interested in people, their attitude and evolution of the soul, and individualism. I appreciate photographic film, and the result obtained, which is the photograph itself, as an object. In a digitized world, the importance of such an object increases significantly.
When I take a photo, i prefer to keep and sustain the moment, more than anything else. It can be said that i try to collect the things that I observe and the ones that I love. I often happen to realize that the atmosphere of a photo is richer than the actual scene. But i see this as an involuntary improvement rather than as a cosmetic adjustment.
I started from learning how to frame, and then i discovered how to use the field of depth to my advantage. I then realised that for me photography is the report of clarity and blur. As a recurring pattern in my recent work, is an intentional increase in color intensity, similar to a polaroid or a lomografie.

When I produce an image that I love, I’m overwhelmed by the thought that the result is excellent for now, but on the long run, it’s just a stage that I will master, when I move to something more comprehensive, sophisticated -or simpler- in any case, better. And I’m pleased by that.

You can find more examples of my work at:



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