Large Quantities of Water – @ Vama Veche, Ro

So, recently I went on a very short trip to the sea side, only to find that it’s just like going to the carnival, these days. I was somewhat dissapointed, although I had a good time. Didn’t take a single picture of the sea. I don’t know why. I really wanted to, but .. I guess, I didn’t want to remember the sea like that. Full of people, with tiny boats and seabikes rampaging through it. Just realised it wasn’t the sea I was looking for.

So basically, it was like going to a pool, suviving the harsh sun of the noon, and the sharp rocks from the seabed near our beach. With frequent pauses for.. eating and consuming stuff, I guess…

It’s not the sea’s fault, I know that. It may have been mine. I’ll have a look in the winter, maybe she’ll warm up to me more then.


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