The pictures have nothing to do with it, as nothing really does.

From some time now, I really feel like things are unfolding their true nature. The highs are way high, and the lows are really really deep this time. And so I carry on, picking what to remember. They say that one cannot choose what to remember, and while this may be true, one can always bring his attention forward to a detail of his choice. Thus, keeping that in his memory, as “his past”.

And after this process is clear enough that it can be detected on the spot, comes a time to reevaluate the past, and the fact that it’s not as static and true as we’d like to think. Different versions hover around, and to proove it, we just have to talk with someone who “was there”. The realisation that we are not our past, ‘I am not that person’, is hard to swallow, but is at the same time liberating. Because each new situation doesn’t have to follow the old patterns, that we’d identified with. But every choice from now on is a blank page. Well, thank god (arbitrary denomination) for that!


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