Under my pencils

I don’t draw very well, but it is something that I just love doing. These are some of my endeavors, which I’d love to give away as presents to anybody who enjoys them. Some of them are in the creative spirit of the kindergarden carioca age. So if you’d like one, please send me a request, and I’ll send it on your way.

the whistling man

And one day I felt I had to try to put the peace of my own mind on paper. Thus this whistling man, who is in a way much like me, in a sense that he is distracted by what tune is playing in his own head. You know..? Like those mornings …


This is a present for a dear friend of mine, Stefana. She liked this drawing of mine a couple of years ago, and for this Christmas I added the color and some texture. It wouldn’t be a wholesome geisha in black and white, now would it?


And this is her. This is how she talks to people, that good witch that saved my life and still gives me hope and blessings.

portrait of an old man

This I drew for someone, thinking it was his great-grandfather, but it tuned out he just had this old photo from a antique store. But while I drew his face, I became quite attached to him, and I now consider him to be a kind old man ~for sure, someone’s real great-grandfather~

monk dancing

I drew this while I was in France, among others like it, that I gave away there. The pictures were in a book I found at the University Library, about a type of dance and theatre of monks. I wish I had this information stored somewhere, because I’d search this book here, to buy it, but unfortunately it’s lost on me.


This is the first and possibly the last time I drew lace, but I like how it turned out. The design of the lace comes visible where it touches her skin. Also, somewhere in me I recognize this look she has. I felt that way myself, but I can’t put my finger on it.

dark face

I imagined this girl was pleading with her lover. Her front is dark because she doesn’t feel the response she’s hoping for. This is what I thought drawing this, but it could be anything really. Just a simple lighting effect is also fine with me.


One day I saw a drawing of a freckled girl that a really talented friend of mine did. I love freckled girls and ginger girls by, of course, not being one. So I was on the look-out for several years to find a pretty face full of freckles, to draw. I found her in a magazine, while at a friends house in the middle of the talkative party. Me and her started to draw and left the others to dispute human-nature events and conclusions. We had fun, and being annoyed with the conversation around us, I remember we had shifted our attention on the details. Good for us.

sneezing Andy Warhol

This is Andy Warhol wiping his nose (of mucus, most likely). I found him in a polaroid collection, and I loved to draw this very human side of him. It almost makes you say: ‘Bless you, Andy Warhol! Bless you’

from the heart to the mind

This is how intricate I see the connection from my head to my heart to be. She doesn’t have to be levitating, just feel like floating, like I do in my dreams. My cats would have a field day with this much loose wire. The truth is they make the connection simpler… because cats!

Ale's mother -a sketch-

This is a sketch of Alu’s mother. The big drawing I done after this it was a gift to her. Also, this one is a keeper.


This lavish hairdo would match her face, if they were connected. But they’re not, so they don’t. The small corner of the playing card is something I found in a period of my life when I found quite a few of them.


I gave this already, as a Christmas present. You might notice that it’s a reinterpretation of Mucha’s “Lilly”. Like I would know better, I changed the colors ( just because I could never reproduce the actual ones), and added the selenar touch.

my light

This was inspired by the light documentaries I’ve been watching lately (like Light Fantastic), and the meaning of it would be that our love or passion or truth comes out of us like a ray of light, and when in touches the object of our affection, it reveals more things that we could’ve imagined before. I was trying to describe the learning process that I’m in the midst of. But I’m just gonna go out and say it: the glass prism, I drew it wrong. The light doesn’t refract like that.
(next time!)

owl socks

I’ve got this owl socks that I really love, although the fasionable world is full of owls and owlettes. Not striving to sound like a genuine hipster but may I just say that I got them as a present ‘before it was cool’. They totally don’t work with those shoes unless you have a set of colorfull markers and nothing to draw. Then it comes out really handy.

girl with wool hat

This is made after a romanian painter, but I can’t tell you who she is, because that information is also lost on me. She painted in large brush strokes, which I thought would be easier for me to reproduce with markers (I, of course, underestimated). From the article I remember that the painting was called something in the lines of “girl with wool hat”

big sister

This drawing means a lot to me since the girl has that sad, precocious look of caring for her little sister’s safety. Her gesture is one of almost protection, saying ‘look away now’, or ‘let’s go’.

peasent girl contemplating

Romanian painter again. Diffrent one. Here I liked the way in which she confortably lays down to think of something that I guess is a secret of hers. Playing with her red beads, just to handle something while she’s contamplating…


This piano looks crazy. It looks wild, like a baboon out of his cage. This could only be jazz.

such a nighmare

This is a drawing from long ago. When I drew it I was thinking about the morning when I woke from a deep nightmare, and still felt the weight of it on my chest. (drawing skills ~age-seven-level~)


This anorexic figure I drew for a company that makes dress-on games. They wanted shiny hair and details on the clothes. Well, they got it.

bubbling ideas

When I did this, I felt like my head was screwd on backwards, and my ideas were tying themselves in a knot. The exterior seemed identifiable, but the inside of my head was like a bee hive.


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