Muffins and stars

We baked.

We’re not used to it, but we ‘re pretty good.  What we did were vegetables muffins and a french chocolate cake. We baked so much, until the muffins looked like trees. So we build the Muffin City, with houses and animals and all. I’m the fox in the front, Alu is thge blue lemur. We’re creating havoc,… like we do.

In the house, there’s no music. Cats  everywhere, it’s a chill fest.

In the early morning, we spot the moon in our bed. The new day arises.

We’ve made a black cardboard, to hang at the window like a blind. Throgh it, poked some holes with nails. They look like the constelation Orion. It was a gift.

So now we have stars, so close we can touch. Through smoke and the window curtain we love to admire them.  And so we build some more. A tree, made out of logs. He cuts them, I clean their bark. Tomorow, they hang!

DSC_1788 copy DSC_1790 copy DSC_1796 copy DSC_1802 copy DSC_1803 copy DSC_1812 copy DSC_1815 copy DSC_1821 copy DSC_1825 copy DSC_1838 copy DSC_1839 copy DSC_1841 copy DSC_1843 copy DSC_1844 copy DSC_1846 copy DSC_1853 copy DSC_1865 copy DSC_1876 copy DSC_1879 copy DSC_1882 copy DSC_1884 copy DSC_1889 copy DSC_1892 copy DSC_1895 copy DSC_1927 copy DSC_1933 copy DSC_1937 copy DSC_1943 copy DSC_1945 copy DSC_1950 copy DSC_1955 copy DSC_1961 copy DSC_1963 copy DSC_1970 copy DSC_1977 copy DSC_1984 copy DSC_2000 copy DSC_2001 copy DSC_2005 copy DSC_2015 copy DSC_2029 copy DSC_2037 copy DSC_2041 copy DSC_2044 copy DSC_2050 copy DSC_2064 copy DSC_2076 copy DSC_2096 copy



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