Seagulls bread

From afar, the block we live in might have seemed like a buzzing beehive, but instead of bees, we have been visited by seagulls. It was not a visit without interest, I admit, because we put some bread bites for them on the sills. We watched in awe these imposing birds, feasting. After the food was over, we started throwing them pieces of cake. They would plunge and dive, catching them in mid air. All eyes looking at my hand. Flock turned into swarm, in shrieks of demand. I bet that not all hungry mouths were fed when we ran out of bread.

But we bought two loafs this evening, for tomorow’s lunch. Seagulls bread we called it.

DSC_0039 copy

DSC_0021 copy

oo1 copy

DSC_0083 copy

DSC_0082 copy


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