A construction site is as good as any place to practice my new found love in panoramas.

Bucuresti – The reconstruction of Titan. (Sounds more imposing that it really is)

Her and me, quick self portrait on the top floor.

The not-quite-finished skylight

Sparkle trails


Top escalator floor. I spotted here a glimpse of the park tree line, which contrasts with the blues of the concrete. At my right, the workman is casting an orange mist of sparkles.

The rhythm here…

The rhythm here…

An down-view

Here, the outside view is looking like a backlit painting. The shadows appear to be wrong. In fact, the light on the floor is coming from the skylight, in the left part of the ceiling.

I liked the rainbow that appeared.

One man on every level.

This is the park view

Top level.

I concede, she was here, at the time.

After seeing so much dust, metal and concrete, I returned home through the park, to see some natural colors. And found these two, wispering behind the bench I walked by. I went around and shot them playing. Such a nice setting. I would have also loved such a place.

Young couple of children, whispering.

The leaves are covering the concrete. (Warning: You cannot un-read the graffiti)


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