Je vous présente le quartier

First take is always the best one. Even if it’s a terrible shot. And when alcohol is dancing in the blood, the moon is dancing in the sky. Always. I confess.

Found a Pepsi cap fitted on the fence to keep the water out. Brilliant, I said. Now let’s find at least another 13.

Thursday morning, near the market, this gentleman was reading the news.

These are the luscious gardens of our block.

Morning light and view. Blocks are growing from this forest here…

One way to home, the other to wonder

Clouds look tremendous from up here

This reminds me of old sea-side greeting cards. The concrete grass pots really do the trick.

We respect the bicycle lane and the lonely with aquatic suicide tendencies!

This I really wanted to show. This must be seen by more pairs of eyes.

This old one won me over.


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