My silence

Everybody deserves a place of tranquility. Either way you take it, silence is a remedy, which not many people can afford. Jobs, relationships, worries… they inhabit our every thought and they chatter in our brains, plans and conclusions. This noise makes me tired.

I think that for each person, there’s a type of silence. And more than that, I think it’s constantly changing and merging with our , also ever-changing, personality. Are we always trying to find this place of balance, is this what we do? This must be the reason that things that calm me down when I was 17 don’t work for me anymore, because the things that irritated me then, do not irritate me any more.

This summer I found my silence. I recognized it and I received it with longing. My silence was filled with sounds: crickets, wind blowing, birds and rippling water. My body changed  under their influence, and my soul cheered even louder.
How nice it is to invite a loved one in such a clear mind …  It’s like I invited him into a new, clean house! A small but clean house.

(we’re off to see the wizard)

~ I pondered how amazing this site would be under a couple of inches of snow. The fences sticking out of the white, with blue elongated shadows continuing their shapes across the fields~

Oh, sweet nothing-doing.

We borrowed one hour of ours to a young man, a gentleman. We offered to to spend 60 minutes of our day on an activity suggested by him. He told us to find an old wise tree, and hear what he had to say. One hour, just to listen. I’m not here to say what I did, or if i heard something, but rather I’m here to admit that this is pretty good advice, for anyone.


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