I found my nymph

It’s true.
It has been proven to me once again that if you need something to exist, just try to find it and low and behold, there it will be. That’s why I eulogize the forest. Yeah. And I’m not done!
Nymphs, goddesses, light orbs and nature spirits. I need them to be real, some part of my day, some part of my night, some part of the world I live in. Therefor I make them be. I can honestly say It’s not hard at all. I just need a beautiful girl (like most of us) and plenty of nature. I have aged my photos purposefully, because as proud of them as I may be, being there and having this in front of my lens, I would always prefer to have found them in some old casket in mine or someone else’s attic. ( I do have a smart collection of old photographs, some of my family, and some of strangers, that I happen to find -not steal, never steal- ).
Most of the old photos with my family members that I possess, are from the distinguished lady which is my grandmother, present in the gallery today. You see, the photoshoot was preceded by a quick stop to her house, where I caught my  niece asking my grandmother if she could stay a little longer to play with the neighbour’s children. As you can see, she’s very persuasive, as all children are, esspecially beautiful ones.



  1. treborhopps

    What a lovely set, thanks

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