Smart meals

This week I’ve been creative in the kitchen, like never before. Quick healthy meals were my goal, and I took some interesting pictures along the way.

A couple of days ago, I had some simple rice, leftover from a meaty meal, and also a bunch of vegetables cooked in a wok pan. Ergo, I mixed them together, added an egg and some breadcrumbs. The result were ten oven-cooked rissoles, which were delicious and easy bites for quick snacks during the day.

Yesterday I had all the ingredients to make a boeuf salad, but I wanted to replace the heavy mayonnaise, and I did, with an avocado and some light yogurt. The meat is chicken, and by the way, i forgot the peas. I always forget something… So it’s not fair to call it “boeuf salad” but it really is fair to say it was an amazing summer salad. And I don’t know if  these two foods usually combine so well, but my twisted salad was absolutely delicious with cantaloup and redcurrant. After I took some shots with the decorated plate, I suddenly thought of olives. And as i started to decorate some more, it looked to me like it resembled fishnet stockings. Thinking of a great friend of mine, Ștefana, I decided to share this sexy serving, here.

Monday I made a light vegetable salad, with oven-cooked Zucchini and Eggplant. I took a shot, remembered the forgotten salad, mixed it in, and re-shot it.

And today, I enjoyed a friendly Pleurotus stew, with onion, garlic and tomatoes (fresh savory and basil), served with a polenta side dish. Have to say, I’ve outdone myself on this one.


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